• Kato software Christmas special game online, welcome to customize ~

    Christmas is coming, are you worried about planning for Christmas activities?Don't worry, Kato will help you out!There are still a few days to Christmas, in order to celebrate Christmas, kaito launched a new WeChat Christmas game oh!Are you excited!!Below, let's take a look at this lovely little game!

    2020/09/23 kaituo 50

  • Hello, WeChat has been upgraded with a new feature~

    What are you waiting for? Top Tianjin website development Kaito software The WeChat function already knows ~

    2020/09/23 kaituo 4

  • Tianjin website development, pay attention to Kaitao software!

    Founded in 2014, Kato Software Technology Center (technology R&D center under Kato E-commerce) specializes in the development and implementation of Internet and mobile Internet products and projects

    2020/09/22 kaituo 6

  • Do you know about VI design?

    Visual Identity,Translated as visual recognition system, CIS system is the most contagious and infectious part. It is to transform the non-visual content of CI into static visual identification symbols, and carry out the most direct communication on the most extensive level with extremely rich and diverse application forms.

    2020/09/22 kaituo 1

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