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【Xiqing TV】Tianjin website development day soft business incubation period excellent enterprise report

2020-09-23 10:15:33 kaituo 12

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Founded in 2016, Kato Software is an entrepreneurial team of college students. It has cooperated with Tiansoft Entrepreneurship College since the beginning of its entrepreneurship.The park not only provides the open office environment and perfect supporting facilities for the company, but also provides a strong guarantee for the daily operation of the start-up enterprise.Enterprises will also be regularly invited to participate in various activities on investment and financing, operation management, talent recruitment and other aspects to share entrepreneurial experience, promote the enterprises to understand and cooperate with each other, so that start-ups can not only learn from nutrition, but also expand their horizons and contacts.

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At present, the number of employees in Kato Software has reached 36, with the average age of 25. As a team composed of young people, kato software has the attitude of a new generation of young people, with creativity, learning ability, seriousness and vigor.We are meticulous in our work and perseverant in the face of difficulties.At the moment, we are young;But in the future, we are confident that in the big Internet + market environment, Kato Software will not only be a leader, but also a leader in the industry!