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About Us

Founded in 2014, Kato Software Technology Center (technology R&D center under Kato E-commerce) is specialized in the development and implementation of Internet and mobile Internet products and projects, and has accumulated certain experience in this industry.

Core technology research and development center now has 11 people, with 10 years experience in the Internet development, including 3 front-end development engineer, product manager and 1 1 architecture designer, UI design, an android engineer 3 people, IOS engineer 2 people, the team had been established and advertising, new media companies established good business relations of cooperation.

Business Scope

Kato software is mainly responsible for the technical development and early operation of websites, WeChat, mobile apps and other related industries, realizing Internet + for each industry.

Since its establishment, Kato software has successfully completed the development tasks of Lisheng Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., Guangzhou Haoji Road And Bridge, Water Xingyi Design Co., LTD., New media operation in Vietnam, Mad - Pand Music network in Holland, creating a unique Internet + route for each enterprise, training the team's business ability, and improving the team cohesion.

Development of mark

In July 2014, Kato software R&d Center was established to undertake the commission of website development.

In August 2014, developed the local life service media website in Tianjin [visiting Tianjin].

In October 2014, The Development of college student Life Service number [Niubi College Student]

In February 2015, the APP project of college students' second-hand goods trading software "Chuang Ye Ye" was launched.

In April 2015, jinming Investment and Development Co., Ltd. undertook the water and rice e-commerce project.

In April 2015, li sheng pharmaceutical co., ltd. undertook the development and operation business commission of WeChat.

In May 2015, it undertook the development and technical support of Mad - Pand Music network in The Netherlands.

In June 2015, developed the WeChat operation management system of micro-extension.

In August 2015, Kaito E-commerce Co., Ltd. was established to carry out the Boqi Forest Bicycle e-commerce project.

In October 2015, developed multi-language WeChat operation management system, and undertook the technical support of new media operation companies in Vietnam.

In November 2015, Developed the "Visit Tianjin" mobile APP.

In December 2015, developed a new bilingual official website of Beijing Loyal Guard Security Service Company and launched a new revised Version of Kato website management system.

In January 2016, Developed THE OA system of Beijing Loyal Guard Security Service Company.

In January 2016, undertook the development of marketing platform for raspberry course in Shenyang Agricultural University.


Since its establishment, we have established a good business reputation with first-class service and rigorous works, and cultivated a practical and serious team spirit.For enterprises and institutions to quickly realize the information provided a strong technical support, technology and service level has been the majority of users praise.

 Part of the case  

  • Thank the following companies for their support and trust

1. Development of Shuixingyi Website (www.shuixingyi.com) and Xichuan Digital website (www.bigit.cn)

In addition to the traditional construction method, the interface can be written and designed manually, and the responsive front end can be developed by using the latest H5 technology.Website customization development is the starting point of the team, the work is no longer all discussed, see the official website: www.kaituocn.com

2. Yishui Yimi E-commerce Project (www.coorice.com;Public account: Yishui Yumi)

The Yishui Rice project is a high-end organic rice e-commerce marketing project launched by Tianjin Jinming Investment and Development Co., LTD.The contract cooperation of this project is the first bonus brought to the team by customer reputation, and also a good opportunity for Kato Software.

This project includes a complete solution for PC e-commerce, including the management of commodities, orders, logistics, evaluation, membership, funds and other links.At the same time, the system is compatible with WeChat and mobile phone station, and finally realizes the unified management of WeChat members and registered members, and WeChat products and PC products are fully synchronized.The project is divided into three phases: website, WeChat and mobile APP. The second phase has been completed so far.

3, force raw pharmaceutical development and operations (address: http://www.lishengpharma.com;Public Account: Lisheng Pharmaceutical)

Lisheng Pharmaceutical project is to develop a new version of the company's official website for lisheng. My colleagues applied for and developed a subscription number, which realized the functions required by Party A.In charge of daily operation, it has withstood the strict test of Party A for a long time and won the unanimous approval of Party A's leaders.

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