The difference between a template site and a custom development site

2020-09-23 10:15:43 kaituo 6

Many individual companies want to have their own independent website to show and promote their company in the early stage.And is often due to limited budget, choose some template to apply site, such sites developed short time also to save money, but the heat of the custom development web site has been high, as is known to all, custom development website long time period, and the need to spend more money than the template site, so why there are so many people to choose custom development site?Kato software after several years of experience in website development, today to introduce the difference between template website and custom development website and different types of companies suitable for what kind of website.

  • What is a template website?

Template website, is to use the company's existing website model, according to the preferences of customers to choose, such a website does not need to change the website code, only need to modify the company logo and some pictures can be.Template site providers do not give customers source files, and it is difficult to extend the functionality of the site.

  • Benefits of template sites:

1、Short production time

A template site is a site that USES the company's existing site for customers to pick and choose from. You only need to change the content based on it, so the time is far less than the time it takes to develop a custom site. It is suitable for companies that only want to present the content, not the form.

2、Low cost

The cost of a template site is also lower than that of a custom site, because it doesn't require a lot of labor and time. When a template is selected, a front-end developer can modify the site's images and other content.

3、Applicable to some customers

For some customers only need to have a website, template site is your best choice, but if you want to make the site for the company to play a certain role in publicity, marketing, business expansion, template site is not any role.

  • Disadvantages of template websites:

1、Poor functional extension

General template site framework structure is fixed, function extension can be equivalent to almost no, for the selection of templates, users can not be independent of its editing, not to mention the extension of the function.

2、Bad for search engines

The template of the site is a thousand change uniform code, the same architecture, so itself is not conducive to the optimization of the search engine, plus the site maintenance, keyword optimization is not in a timely manner, such a site can not reach through the optimization of the search engine to promote the role of the site.

3、No source file

Template site does not provide web site source code, because the template site not only provide for the use of a company, in this way, using a template website of the company will be in many places to see the same style with your company web site web site, this website monotony, will not be able to achieve the company sets up the brand of role in many of the same company.

What is a custom development site?

Customized development website is based on the actual situation of customers, from demand analysis to project development, and finally to the project delivery of the whole process is closely related to customers.Such sites are unique, personalized, and unique.The client has certain rights, such as: the domain name belongs to the client, the client can put forward all reasonable Suggestions to the website development, the client has the ownership of the website.

  • The benefits of customizing a website:

1、Functional ductility is strong

Because is the custom development, so the customer can completely according to their own industry nature, product features, business services to choose practical function custom development, the customer has the website ownership, including the website source file, website copyright, so the customer can freely increase or reduce the functions of the website.

2、For search engine more friendly, easy to optimize promotion

Ding Hao network according to the website production standards for website development, the entire structure of the website, code, page will help customers to do SEO optimization, so that the search engine will be faster and better search website, natural ranking effect is obvious.

3、The website design style is different, the individuality is distinct

The so-called customization is customized according to the needs of customers, from the website design to the website function, are customized according to the actual situation of customers, so there is no any website will be the same as your website, so it is more convenient for enterprise publicity, carry out network marketing.

  • Disadvantages of customizing a website:

1、The website development cycle is relatively long

The website is customized from design to program implementation, so the length of the website will be longer, including design confirmation and slicing program implementation, which need more time to connect with customers.  

  2、Website development costs are relatively high

Template site almost no human and material input, a clerk can be done.And custom website, the most simple type websites need at least a designer and a programmer, designers make a home page is a two or three days to complete, after making good need to adjustment according to the customer demand changes, certainly big workload, a web programmer and an artist can only develop a month three or four custom website, the salary of two people together is in 8000 yuan of above, so the website custom manpower cost is much higher, but after site, high quality too.


Kato software has been committed to creating the website development for 4 years, will be the most professional service for you to choose the corresponding website model.Today, I summarized the differences between template websites and customized development websites, hoping to help you solve the problem of website development selection.