• Kato software Christmas special game online, welcome to customize ~

    Christmas is coming, are you worried about planning for Christmas activities?Don't worry, Kato will help you out!There are still a few days to Christmas, in order to celebrate Christmas, kaito launched a new WeChat Christmas game oh!Are you excited!!Below, let's take a look at this lovely little game!

    2020/09/23 kaituo 49

  • The difference between a template site and a custom development site

    Many individual companies want to have their own independent website to show and promote their company in the early stage.And is often due to limited budget, choose some template to apply site, such sites developed short time also to save money, but the heat of the custom development web site has been high, as is known to all, custom development website long time period, and the need to spend more money than the template site, so why there are so many people to choose custom development site?Kato software after several years of experience in website development, today to introduce the difference between template website and custom development website and different types

    2020/09/23 kaituo 6

  • 【Xiqing TV】Tianjin website development day soft business incubation period excellent enterprise report

    Founded in 2016, Kato Software is an entrepreneurial team of college students. It has cooperated with Tiansoft Entrepreneurship College since the beginning of its entrepreneurship.The park not only prWith a new generation of young people should have the attitude, creativity, learning ability, serious, vigorous.We are meticulous in our work and perseverant in the face of difficulties.At the moment, we are young;But in the future, we are confident that in the big Internet + market environment, Kato Software will not only be a leader, but also a leader in the industry!

    2020/09/23 kaituo 4

  • Hello, WeChat has been upgraded with a new feature~

    What are you waiting for? Top Tianjin website development Kaito software The WeChat function already knows ~

    2020/09/23 kaituo 4

  • Tianjin website development, pay attention to Kaitao software!

    Founded in 2014, Kato Software Technology Center (technology R&D center under Kato E-commerce) specializes in the development and implementation of Internet and mobile Internet products and projects

    2020/09/22 kaituo 1

  • Do you know about VI design?

    Visual Identity,Translated as visual recognition system, CIS system is the most contagious and infectious part. It is to transform the non-visual content of CI into static visual identification symbols, and carry out the most direct communication on the most extensive level with extremely rich and diverse application forms.

    2020/09/22 kaituo 0

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