Great circle bowl

Tianjin Da Yuan Bowl Food Co., LTD., founded in 1992, is a Chinese fast food chain enterprise with a sense of history and good reputation. "Da Yuan Bowl" has been awarded as "Tianjin famous Trademark" for many times.Company by the Chinese entrepreneurs, on both sides of the Taiwan celebrities Mr Guo Yatao investment was founded, and the classic taste of Taiwan and the mainland, to quality, service, concept of heritage, convenient for development, combined with the management operation mode of keeping pace with The Times, services of tianjin for 27 years, be familiar with and love has become a lot of tianjin people's food and beverage brands.After decades of brand value of precipitation, in 2016 the company adapt to market development trend, have the courage to break through innovation, makes every effort to seize the opportunity for change, the transition from sales of food enterprises for the production, service, sales for the integration of diversified food enterprises, the introduction of "Internet + catering" model at the same time, the integration of online and offline new marketing concept, facing the whole country to build retail chain, joining chain, all kinds of business, large group meal four development channels.Looking to the future, the company plans to achieve further leap in five years, and strive to become a food enterprise recognized and loved by the people of Tianjin and even the whole country.

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