Software requirements assessment

What are the software requirements

In the actual work, it is common that the failure of information project is caused by the problem of software requirements. What is the position of software requirements in software project

At work, how to write software requirements can better meet the needs of software R & D. Many people may think that the more detailed we need to write, the better. Only when we write the requirements clearly, can we develop customer satisfied software. However, in practice, the workload of writing software requirements is very large, and the content of requirements will change at any time in the process of software R & D. with the popularization of agile R & D ideas, many people go to the other extreme: they think that software requirements do not need to be written, and the content of requirements can be reflected through code, R & D does not need to waste valuable time on redundant documentation. Both opinions may have some truth, so what kind of software requirements documents do we need?

To answer this question, we need to first consider: why do we need requirements documents. If the requirements are written only to explain the functions realized by the software, good coding structure and code comments can well realize the function description of the software, and programmers can save the time of writing requirements and realize more functions; However, this situation may be more applicable to small and medium-sized projects or Internet projects. Because the requirements of such projects are not complex and change rapidly, the efficiency of R & D is very important. However, for large-scale software projects or systems with complex functions, software R & D may be the result of multi person cooperation. Therefore, in the process of information transmission, only by considering the content of software requirements in advance, can we correctly evaluate the time and cost elements required to develop software, so as to better manage the project.

Business requirements 

It reflects the high-level objectives and requirements of organizations or customers for systems and products. They are described in the project view and scope documents, which are the objectives or functions to be achieved by the software project

user demand 

The document describes the tasks that users must complete when using the product, which is described in the use case document or scenario description. This is the function that users need to realize through the software in a specific scenario

functional requirement 

It defines the software functions that developers must implement, so that users can complete their tasks, so as to meet the business needs. The so-called feature refers to the collection of logically related functional requirements to provide users with processing capacity and meet business requirements.